View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday 7 March

Fairly bright today, but with some cloud about and a persistent breeze. Not complaining though; could be so much worse. Managed to get the better of that cold that was bothering me since Thursday or Friday, just one of those things. As I type, the Sunday ferry is about to set sail on its now customary single sailing across to Ullapool.

After the Sunday ferry, we now have a big discussion about Sunday sports. The Sports Centre here in Stornoway is closed on the Sabbath, in order not to offend those that feel that the Sabbath should be a day of rest. The unfortunate anomaly is that elsewhere within the Western Isles sports centres (like at Lionacleit in Benbecula) are open on Sundays. A girl of 10, with the backing of her parents, tried to get legal aid to force the issue, but an application for that was turned down. The campaign is still on-going, now by people with deep pockets. There is another argument: why can people get a drink in the pubs on Sunday, but not engage in sports? The latter is a lot healthier than the former.

Francis Street, Stornoway, Sunday 13 April 2008