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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Tuesday 25 November

Concerned reading about the eruption of violence in Ferguson MO. It looks like anarchy squared. It's a judge and jury that decide whether justice is being served. Everybody else just has to abide by that,whether they like it or not. There is something seriously wrong in society when that commonly held understanding breaks down.

I think I prefer the temperate climate of the Western Isles. Big swings in temperatures are not common here. Contrast that to Washington DC. 74F on Monday, crashing down to 32F on Thursday. No thanks :-)

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  1. What happened in Ferguson had nothing to do with the verdict. These were people out to get what they could, when & where they could. Out only for themselves. A real protester would have hit something of something directly involved with the case. Similar to the Boston Tea Party. This is pure animalistic behavior.