View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Friday, 21 November 2008

Friday 21 November

Very cold today, with the mercury not even touching 40F / 4C at the moment. It is snowing as I type, or is it sleet. Over on the mainland, the A9 trunkroad linking Inverness with the Lowlands is blocked at the Slochd summit north of Aviemore. Ferry sailings from the far northeast (Caithness) to Orkney are disrupted due to bad weather, and our freight service is not operating today.

BBC presenters Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross were suspended for 3 months in October, following a grossly offensive broadcast, in which they left crude messages on the answerphone of a well-known actor. Apparently, Mr Ross can be expected to defile our airwaves again in January, and Mr Brand could well be back as well. I never liked Jonathan Ross, and hope he stays off the BBC.

Generally speaking, I find very little worth watching on TV these days. I have access to satellite TV, which pumps 500 channels into the set. Only the BBC channels are really worth watching, particularly the Gaelic channel BBC Alba. And, to my disgrace, Tom & Jerry lol (video courtesy CartoonyA on YouTube)