View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Hurricane update - 30 March

Tropical cyclone Hellen formed near the border of Tanzania and Mozambique a few days ago, and is moving southeast across the Mozambique Channel. Over the past 24 hours, this storm has intensified by 80 knots from 50 knots to 130 knots, making it a category IV hurricane.

The storm will graze the northwestern coast of Madagascar with maximum sustained windspeeds of 160 mph, gusting to 200 mph. What that will do to that impoverished country will be revealed in the next few days. Hellen is expected to veer west and weaken as it crosses the Mozambique Channel, making landfall in Mozambique in a few days time at tropical storm strength (about 50 knots).

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Thursday 27 March

Afternoon all from a sunny Stornoway, best weather in Scotland. Today's max 12C / 54F. Pleased everybody liked my pictures from yesterday. When the sun's out this place does look fantastic. Hope to get more this afternoon, watch this space.

Lovely afternoon here, day's coming to a close now. Went down to Crossbost to take better pics of wargraves (about 30) and had a walk up and down the village. Quite warm in the sun, but feeling nippy in the breeze when the sun dipped behind some clouds.

Wednesday 26 March

Good news for householders in the north of Scotland as energy giant SSE freezes prices. They've got to cut costs and are shelving three off-shore windfarms. Does this also mean the interconnector shelved as well??

Blazing sunshine this morning, with the mercury already at 12C at midday. Some clouds are bubbling up, but it should stay dry.

Nearly 5 miles round the Creed this afternoon. The rhodondendrons have been cut back, revealing some long lost huts near the mouth of the Creed RIver - which I've never seen in my 9 years in this island. Although the mercury stuck at 12C / 54F, it felt much warmer out of the wind and in the sun. The bumblebees were out, feeding on the nectar in the gorse blooms.

Tuesday 25 March

Overcast this morning, but not much wind and the sun is trying to peek through the clouds. Not bad at all.

Monday 24 March

Morning all from a fairly sunny and not so breezy Stornoway. There are some lens-shaped clouds about, which are never a good omen. However, better make the best of the good weather while it lasts. We're due some rain this evening.

Walked 9 km / 5½ miles this afternoon, round via Sandwick, Carse of Melbost, Steinish and Cockle Ebb into Sand Street and back through the town. Not much wind, some pale sunshine. And quite a few cats.

Sunday 23 March

It's sunny in between those snow showers. Well, it's more like snow flurries drifting down from a menacing sky. Temperature only 5C / 41F, nippy for late March.

Was thinking recommending ‪#‎OpenOffice‬ to someone, but it would appear OO was discontinued in 2012. Download sites remain, but either the downloads don't work OR are riddled with viruses. Avoid.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Saturday 22 March

Well, well, cloudscapes galore. It all looked so innocent earlier on, but the showerclouds are bubbling up big time. Wow.

P3227913 P3227916

Friday 21 March

Heavy wintry showers, interspersed with brilliant sunshine. Typical March weather, and only about 7C / 45F. Nonetheless, not too bad, really.

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Thursday 20 March

After mother Nature threw a night-time tantrum, screaming winds and throwing rain around, we are now having a bright and fairly sunny morning. It is now colder than of late, 7C / 45F, which is below par for late March. However, I do not readily complain of the weather here. Always interesting! Happy spring everybody. I've seen wet snow, hail and rain today, but what do you expect in March. Lion is roaring loudly today.

Wednesday 19 March

Another day of force 7 winds, which are likely to reach a galeforce crescendo today. The wind direction will then change from southwest to northwest and it'll get a bit colder. At present, it's 10C / 50F - but in the south of England, it could get as high as 20C / 68F. Their temps will plummet to our values by the weekend, and we could see some wintry stuff. This temperature contrast also explains the strong winds. Apart from the wind, there is also some rain about. Gusts to 65 mph at Eoropie, sustained windspeeds about 30 mph. Good blow this afternoon. No ferries in or out of this island - it's been a very windy winter. A brief powercut around 9.30pm.

Was watching Putin yesterday, and did anybody else see the little trail of smoke issuing from the flames emanating from the man's coat tails? What am I on about? Liar, liar, your tail's on fire.

I have done a fair amount of work on casualties of the First World War, but even today, two more people were killed through ordnance from that conflict.

Tuesday 18 March

Weather seems to be stuck in a rut, this is about day #5 of hazy sunshine, blustery west wind - followed by rain. Gale tomorrow, beware if you're due to travel by Calmac. Many routes on amber alert.

A poll could be held to determine if the Scottish islands, the Northern and Western Isles, would want to become independent from Scotland or the UK. Thumbs down from me. I already don't believe in Scottish independence, and I have even less faith in the islands' councils. Sorry.

Monday 17 March

A man was reported missing this morning. Sadly, his remains were found in a gully off Sgaoth Aird, above Maraig in North Harris. Mr Edward Jackson, a holiday maker from Preston, was due to leave for home yesterday, but his hotel room was not vacated.

Overcast and once again windy, although not quite as windy as over the weekend. Remaining fairly mild, 10C / 50F this afternoon. The rhodondendrons continue to burn in the Castle Grounds, wonder if that isn't turning into a Forth Bridge job - never-ending.

A row is emerging about the future role of Lews Castle. Will it be a hotel, or a self-catering unit? Looks like both. Local self-catering providers fear competition from the 30 units in the Castle. A meeting will be held in 10 days' time to allay fears etcetera.

Went for a walk to the harbour, and the old Monaco is slowly being chopped to bits. The town is being cheered up with colourful blooms.