View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Visit to Sandwick

Sandwick, as longstanding readers of this blog (and Lewis afficionados) know, is 15 minutes' walk from my location. I needed to visit the cemetery there once more to photograph some gravestones that had not come out very well on a previous occasion. The weather has improved, with bright sunshine and only the odd light April shower.

Thursday 1 April

April Fools Day, with Google announcing its animal translator. Well, that's all I ever wanted. At least I can now swear at the seagulls as I chase them off the small bird's food.

My broadband service resumed just over an hour ago. A fire and flood at a major BT exchange caused an outage that for some people may last up to next Sunday. I can now proceed with the bits I gathered up offline yesterday.

Here in Stornoway, the weather is very much April showers with everything coming down, including the kitchen sink. More than 100 people incurred a 7 hour delay when their train ploughed into a snowdrift near Carrbridge, south of Inverness, and ground to a halt. A train, sent down from Inverness also got stuck. After a snowplough cleared a track, a third train managed to get through and take everybody to Inverness at 3.15 am.