View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wednesday 16 May

We started overcast, but just after lunch a steady rain began to fall. And is still falling. There is not much wind to speak of. Quite a contrast to two weeks ago (the time I took the current front pic on the blog), when there was bright sunshine and a steady northeasterly breeze. The temperature has, if anything, regressed to a most mediocre 6C / 43F, a value I associate with our mid-winter average. Not mid May. However, who am I to complain.

Spring is nonetheless here, with the trees and shrubs out in leaf and the birds on their nests. A couple of blackbirds are busy gathering food for two fledglings, larger than themselves, which just sit there and open their beaks for more and more worms. A few years ago, a couple of starlings were also trying to teach a hatchling to fly. It eventually did get airborne - in the beak of a seagull, which proceeded to make a lunch of the young starling. Ouch.

I have taken delivery of two new books (as shown on my Facebook feed), namely The Lewis Man by Peter May (a thriller set in the Isle of Lewis), and Healing Threads by Mary Beith. The latter is a compendium of Gaelic healing herbs, practices and customs. Mary died last weekend, and I bought the book in her memory. As I stated in the relevant post, I never met her in the flesh, but she was one of my more memorable Twitter contacts.