View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Thursday 6 August

As it's your blogger's birthday, I am going out of town for the afternoon. To be precise, for a cuppa at the Gearrannan Blackhouse Village.

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Wednesday 5 August

P8055942 P8055945 P8055947 P8055950

Tuesday 4 August

P8045933 P8045935 P8045937 

Monday 3 August

P8035921 P8035924 P8035929 P8035926 P8035930

Sunday 2 August

P8025899 P8025901 Cruiseliner Astor P8025903 P8025906 P8025908 P8025909 P8025917 P8025920

Saturday 1 August

We awoke to the sight of a sparrowhawk devouring a hapless bird in the backyard. Later in the day, the annual carnival wound its way through the streets of Stornoway, but I only managed to capture images after it had finished on South Beach, outside the Town Hall.

P8015817 P8015825 P8015828 P8015831 P8015834 P8015837 P8015838 P8015843 P8015849 P8015851 P8015860 P8015873 P8015878 P8015881 P8015882 P8015884 P8015893 P8015898