View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Evening notes

The land-based search for 83-year old Clifford Wannop, missing whilst on holiday in the Isle of Skye, has been stood down. Police will conduct inquiries as for his use of public transport in Skye or appearance in nearby villages. Mr Wannop hails from the Channel Islands and is described as very fit for his age.

Tomorrow, the Royal National Mod 2009 will swing into full gear. This annual celebration of Gaelic culture takes place in Oban, on the west coast of mainland Scotland, some 90 miles northwest of Glasgow. The focus is on music, although acting and sports also have a part to play. Four years ago, the Mod was in Stornoway and I recorded several dozen performances - you can have a listen via my Mod page.

I am pleased to note that Coastguard tug Anglian Prince is back in operation after it broke down near Ullapool last week. AIS Minch shows it in Loch Ewe this evening, awaiting a call out for its services. A tug was put on stand-by in the Minch some years ago, as it is used as a shortcut by ships carrying dangerous cargoes like crude oil. If anything goes wrong, the tug can be there within a short space of time, rather than having to come all the way from Oban or even further afield.

Anglian Prince at Stornoway on 18 April 2007

Sunday 11 October

Fairly bright in the Western Isles today, although there are some clouds and showers about. It is a typically quiet day (it being Sunday), and although we have now had a Sunday ferry for 3 months, I have not noticed any change to the Stornoway Sunday. The ferry leaves in a huge cloud of exhaust fumes (which nearly took my breath away yesterday) at 2.30pm and slips back into its birth some 6½ hours later quite unobtrusively. More so because it's dark at 9pm now.

More later.