View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 7 May 2015

General Election 2015

At last, the politicking is finally at a long-sought after and longed for end. For 15 hours during today, Thursday 7 May, the British people are in charge and their voice will be heard. I wish everybody wisdom and foresight in making their choice. In doing so, follow your heart, follow your brain, follow every ounce of your being. To make the choice that you, and you alone, feel is right for the United Kingdom. During the campaign, I've given my opinion, and I am pleased that although I'm not eligible to vote, my views have been taken sufficiently seriously that it has prompted one person to defriend me on Facebook. Tsk. I hope that the outcome will be respected by all involved and any defeats taken in good grace. Yeah sure. I hope that whatever government is formed after tomorrow will benefit Britain's interest, in the current climate, to its fullest.

Monday 4 May

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Sunday 3 May

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Saturday 2 May

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Friday 1 May

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Thursday 30 April

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P4304009 10.45pm

Wednesday 29 April

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Tuesday 28 April

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Monday 27 April

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Sunday 26 April

Winter returned today with some heavy snow showers. It felt more like late January than late April.

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