View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Thursday 23 January

A cold day today, with the mercury stuck between 3 and 5 degrees C, that's 37 to 41 in Fahrenheit. The wind didn't help the conditions, neither did the clatter of hailstones or the flurries of snow that occurred at times. Nonetheless, it was showery, meaning we had some fantastic cloudscapes to enjoy, and even a sundog (parhelion) at lunchtime.

I have little time for celebrities, and now it's another teen idol in the States that has fallen flat on his face. After Miley Cyrus decided to grow up by behaving like an utter Hotel Oscar, we now have the edifying spectacle of Justin Bieber drag racing on a boulevard in Miami and spewing abuse at police officers when being stopped at 4 am. Upon arrest, he was over the drink drive limit and under the influence of cannabis. Celebrities are supposed to be role models. Both Mr Bieber and Ms Cyrus have abandoned their responsibility they had towards their young admirers, and should disappear from the scene. We can do without them.

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Wednesday 22 January

Well, after an absence of five weeks, you have to catch up with lots of stuff of course, and I've spent most of today doing just that. Christmas cards, mail, you name it. I was absolutely knackered last night, but feeling better today.

Keen wind blowing through this town this afternoon, but what's new? Nothing appears to have changed, which I wasn't expecting to be honest. Across the bay from me, they are faffing about with boats on the shore of Goat Island, nothing new there either. And they are still burning rhodies in the Castle Grounds, when will that ever get finished. Ah, it's good to be back.

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