View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 1 January 2015


Atlantic Lines is currently under wraps. I am blogging on the Shell Gallery until Friday 16th January 2015, when I commence my journey back to Stornoway.

Friday 12 December

I had been rebooked on the 8.40 am plane from Stornoway to Inverness, so I had to be at the airport an hour beforehand. After saying goodbye, I went to the airport by taxi, and this time, there were no problems. The plane took off on time, and landed at Inverness just after sunrise. Had to wait a couple of hours for the connecting flight to Amsterdam, which was half an hour late leaving. A heavy shower of snow covered the plane, meaning that it had to be de-iced. Arrived in Amsterdam at 3.15 local time, and was at my father's house by 6pm.

PC121657 Stornoway from above the Cockle Ebb
PC121668 Snow at Inverness
PC121670 Strange sign at Schiphol
PC121671 Schiphol

Thursday 11 December - take 2

Famous last words, there was travel trouble on my path. Whenever not! I arrived at the airport in good time for my 10.30 am flight, only to be told it would be delayed by an hour. This meant I was guaranteed to miss my connection at Inverness, which only gave me half an hour. Although the check-out assistant offered to direct me through Southampton, his colleague had more sense and asked if I was prepared to delay travel by a day. I didn't mind one bit. So, I returned to town by taxi and had a nice, easy day. Went into town to buy a few things. Weather was slightly inclement, with showers of hail, as shown below. 

PC111643 PC111646 PC111649 PC111651