View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday 26 February

Quite a nice, sunny day. We had a few showers, some not so light. But we now have daylight until well after 6pm, and in a month's time, the clocks go forward an hour. The bulbs are nicely coming into bloom, showing that spring is now not far off.

Got a resupply of stamps in the Post Office on Francis Street, which closes at 12.30 on Saturdays. I also popped into the appropriately named Aladdins Cave on Inaclete Road - it has all sort of little and not so little things. I needed some file folders, to organise the paperwork that has come with my research.  Which, today, focused on more of the information on WW1 casualties. Watch my Pentland Road blog for updates.

I haven't got any pictures at the ready just now, but I will post a selection in a blogpost tomorrow.

The situation in Libya is something I am beginning to regard with increasing dread. Gaddafi is a man who will not accept defeat, and he will take as many with him into death as he can. By all possible means, including chemical weapons. Many of those that were close to him have advised him to step aside, but Col Gaddafi does not listen. The Arabic revolution will show its most evil face in that poor country, through that horrendous man.