View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday 8 January

A nice sunny day, after yesterday's heavy snowfall. We are due more heavy snow showers tomorrow. Perversely, I am told by my family in Holland that the mercury there has leapt up to 11C / 52F. Not so here; the thermometer at the airport has not risen above freezing all day, and is currently plunging down: -4C a quarter of an hour ago. The snow on the pavement turned to ice overnight, making the walk into town a slip-sliding affair. Pavements are not cleared of snow or ice. The wintry conditions have also caused travel disruption in the air.

The American government has demanded that the website hand over all details of supporters of Wikileaks. This has been endorsed by a court order, which has prompted Twitter to describe the action as harassment. I am of the opinion that this court action is not so much upholding the law of the land as upholding the illusion that the emperor wears clothes, if you catch my meaning. Whilst releasing classified documents is an offence, it seems that thus far, the only casualties of the whole operation has been one diplomat's career and the good standing (what good standing) of the US government overseas. I am quite frankly appalled.