View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sundown notes

Ten to seven and it's not even dark. The equinox is behind us, and from now on the nights will become shorter - and a lot shorter than points south. As I say every year, Stornoway lies on the 58th parallel north, and that leads to short nights in summer and short days in winter. Come June, the sun will rise at 4.20 am and set at 10.35 pm.

Not springlike at all today, intermittent rain at the moment. The navigation lights around Glumag Harbour (which lies across my field of vision) are on, with the buoy next to the lighthouse and two smaller lights by the Fabrication Yard, more than a mile away to the south. A small sailing craft came in earlier this afternoon.

There is not much going on regards hurricanes (Ilsa keeps trundling west across the Indian Ocean, more than 600 miles from any land), the email inboxes are checked, I have been round those of you who posted in journals, Facebook and Twitter. Have downloaded Tweetdeck, but will probably throw it off - don't need it that much, really. Dinner will be served shortly, and I am going to close my Internet and computer activities for the day.

Sunday 22 March 2009

Sunny intervals and showers on a cooler day than of late, with the mercury back at 9C / 48F. The end of the past week saw us at 13C, but that quickly went.

Jade Goody has died in the night. RIP.
She has made good use of her celebrity status by raising awareness of cervical cancer and the importance of cervical smear tests and following up any adverse results. There is ample coverage in the media about her, so will simply refer to that, and my previous postings.

The search for two men, missing (now presumed dead) on Loch Awe in Argyll, has resumed this morning. They disappeared after setting forth in a boat at 11pm on Friday night. Two others were found dead on Saturday morning.