View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday 1 October

Very unusual for me to start leaving gaps in my updates on this blog, but I find myself going back and forth to the local hospital twice a day to attend a good friend, who broke their ankle last Saturday. I am on a promise not to divulge further details on the WWW, but in amongst the rest of the daily activities, I don't seem to get down to blogging. With my 7th blogoversary coming up next Saturday, I promise to do better in the days to come. Perhaps if I spend less time watching Ice Road Truckers, or all the 26 episodes of the World at War...

The local hospital is about a mile and a half from my position, on the other side of Stornoway, and although I could walk it, I don't fancy four walks of 45 minutes each through the day. So, I hop on the bus. The fares were raised today - fair (sic) enough, but I am less than pleased with the timetabling on the town routes, and the way these routes are presented on paper (or the WWW). However, I suppose those that draw up these routes aren't the ones using it. The worst aspect is the buses that have not turned up since the timetables changed 7 weeks ago. Oh well, there's always something to gripe about, I suppose.Tomorrow, I'll be walking to the hospital, as there is no Sunday service. I'm not complaining about that, by the way. And I hope that my trips to the hospital will come to an end very soon.

Yesterday, Friday, we had a stupendous sunset. The sky was on fire, and there was an amazing gamut of colour on display in the west. To the east, a huge rainbow spanned the skies, appearing (from my standpoint) to emanate from the chimneys of the local powerstation, up the road. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Did I mention the typhoon that is pommeling the Philippines? Nalgae is the second typhoon within a week to lash Luzon Island with high winds and heavy rain. Vietnam is next in line to see this system, in about 4 days' time. A hurricane in the Atlantic, Ophelia, could do something nasty to Newfoundland on Monday.