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Saturday, 11 October 2008


The majority of formerly J-land has now migrated to Blogger, and judging by the 800+ entries on Google Reader, is busy clattering away at their keyboards. Please spare a thought for the unhappy few who are unable to go through this humungous change.

Cathy, chatzeekay, left an entry on October 6th on her AOL journal Life and Lessons, saying she would not be able to make a new journal at Blogger, or wherever. She has suffered two severe brain traumas, the results of which have left her quite incapacitated. The entries, not spell-checked, speak for themselves.

Please call round, and ask if you can be put on an emailing list for her to continue beyond November 1st. Let it not be said that J-land (on Blogger or AOL) does not care for its less fortunate members.

Copied to Call for Support

Dormant blogs

I have been given a way to download dormant blogs and preserve them in one way or another for posterity. If you know blogs that may disappear that way, which you'd like to see kept, please drop me a line. I'll give it a try in the course of the next few days.

On Blogger

I have gone through all the emails I received this month, copying people's new URLs to Google Reader. Next stage is going through the posts on the old AOL journals, to eek out any new
URLs from there.

Transfer of Northern Trip has not gone smoothly (keep having problems), as the server conked out halfway down the final stage of publishing all the posts. 4768 of them. Will try again tomorrow.

I have worked with Blogger for some time, and find it bare bones and minimalistic. Probably too negative an impression, but will review in time.


Well, here I am again, at full throttle. Got myself a new laptop and after spending the last 90 minutes setting it all up: he has RETURNED! More later.

Saturday 11 October

Things continue in the not-so-good category. Found myself taking an elderly friend to A&E late last night, after she tripped. The result was a broken wrist, which required a plaster-cast. Hope this will heal in short order, as anyone would be inconvenienced by this, not to mention the pain.

As I write, my old blog Northern Trip is being transferred to Blogger, where it will reside as an archive. The AOL version will remain until Journals shut down on 31 October. Atlantic Lines is my primary blog now. When my Internet access is restored to normal, I will publicise the URLs of all the transferred blogs here. In the future, I may shift to another blogging platform again, as I'm not overly impressed with Blogger.

Unless the PC gets fixed in the meantime, I cannot access internet again until Tuesday.