View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wednesday 14 November

Quite a reasonable day, with good spells of sunshine and the odd drop of rain - which I managed to avoid. I went for a walk to Strawberry Hill this afternoon, and discovered that this area of the Castle Grounds is not as difficult to get to as I had thought. My first foray, in February of last year, involved scaling the southern flank of the hill (220 feet high), and last summer I tackled the hill from the north. It was at that point that I discovered the tracks leading off Strawberry Hill to the east, and I discovered an even better (if rather rough) track a little way further south. These tracks lead to the Marybank Quarry, an area that is obviously out of bounds. It being mid afternoon, the sun was setting (sunset time 4pm at the moment), leading to some nice cloud and lightscapes.

I have collected my poetry on, but will continue to copy it on here as well.

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Golden rays caress the sky
languid clouds
slowly moving east
an ever-changing mosaic

A cooling breeze
gently touches
the hilltop, slowly turning
brown as autumn progresses

Greens of leaves
makes way for the
grey of denuded

Greens of grasses
turn yellow then
fade into the
background of blackened heath

The wind reminisces
as the sun bids us good night
angling its rays ever higher
airbrushing the sky pink

Slowly, colour fades
from the skye, the hills
the sea
Night has fallen