View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thursday 12 March

Where I am from, April showers are referred to as March showers. So, that's what we're having today. Sunshine and beefy showers, blown on a strong wind. No complaints about temperatures: 10C is very acceptable for mid March. Tide is going out from a high of 5.1 metres (17 feet) at 7.25 am to an ebbtide of 0.2 metres (8 inches) at 2pm. I may go out and look for scallops, although there were not many last time we had a springtide that low. Only one baby scallop, that needed to grow a lot bigger before I'd have it on my dinner plate.

I have recently commented on the actions of the Vatican in relation to bishop Williamson, who is on record as denying the Holocaust. I can only say that I wish the Holy See would stop digging, as they are only making the hole they are in deeper with every statement they issue on the subject. I applaud their statement of contrition, admitting that mistakes have been made. The Vatican now says that they should do more research on the Internet before making decisions of this nature. Excuse me? They don't know what problems are caused by their own senior clergy? Oh please.

I am very upset this morning: those who read Linda's World (from Washington State) and / or Call for Support know that she's had to take her cat Gabi to the Rainbow Bridge. The poor creature was very seriously ill, without any prospect of getting better. As all pet owners know, you do carry an ultimate responsibility to end suffering in those circumstances, however upsetting that is.