View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday 9 July

I am pleased to report that Blogger in Draft is in working order again, after the main problems were sorted out. Give it a whirl, you'll get a pleasant surprise. I hope they implement this version.

It is quite a pleasant day here in Stornoway, although we have not had much sun. It is fairly bright, and quite a contrast to the downpours that have been plaguing areas further south. All play at the Scottish Open Golf at Castle Stewart, Inverness, has had to be suspended as the course had become waterlogged if not completely washed away. Flooding is also reported from the vicinity of Inverness. I'm glad to be in the right place at the right time, weatherwise at least.

This afternoon, I went for an amble to Lower Sandwick, a walk of about 2 miles in total. It is a nice walk, which runs along the shore of Sandwick Bay for the latter part of its length. I returned through the cemetery, then back along the shoreline path. As I was heading back, the ferry sailed past, on its way out to Ullapool.

Next week, the Hebridean Celtic Festival starts, which is a local music and culture festival. Stornoway will be bombed out for it, even more so on Thursday 14th, when the Tall Ships come to call. I have not booked tickets for any of the Hebcelt events (none of them jumped out at me), but will be present at the shore to watch the tall ships approach on the 14th.

And I've made a start with The Count of Monte Christo, by Alexandre Dumas. I have watched a movie about this gripping yarn, and I hope the original story will be just as good if not better. The local bookstore sells classics like this (running at 1,000 pages) for just £2.

Friday 8 July

Quite a nice day today, during which I continued to sort out a variety of things. I have been busy with that this week, but I'm not going to bore you with details. It was in part an exercise with a broom, sweeping away dust from the past. Other bits are shifted less easily, and it may take weeks to clear everything up.

I have resumed my activity regarding witnesses from the Napier Commission of 1883, which had kept me busy until I went on holiday 5 weeks ago. I am now looking at people from Barra, who gave evidence on 26 May 1883.

Until earlier this week, I was using Blogger in Draft, in which Blogger tests out new features. I had to leave the programme, because the latest version was full of bugs. I had to start implementing work-arounds to avoid dud links and other problems, so I switched back to the proper version of Blogger.