View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Saturday 26 January

The day started with glorious sunshine, but at lunchtime a veil of cloud rapidly moved up from the south. The wind picked up, and the rain started just after 3pm. The most remarkable feature has been the rise in temperature, to 8C as I type this (10.15pm). Meanwhile, out in the Atlantic, a very deep area of low pressure is winding up - the pressure at 6pm this evening was estimated at 933 mbar, or 27.5 inches. This sort of deep depression tends to spawn spin-off lows and several of these will whizz by us in days to come, giving us spells of very windy weather. The Atlantic is back in charge, and will let us know it is.

My project is progressing steadily (see Lewismen lost in the Great War) , and this afternoon I completed the section for the village of Borve, 17 miles north of Stornoway on the west coast. On the aforementioned site, I collate all the information I have managed to amass over past years onto one page for each of the nearly 1300 casualties from this island. Tomorrow, I shall proceed with the village of Brue, a mile west of Barvas. It consists of one road, stretching for a mile from the main A858 to the sea, and consisting of some 30 houses. The below image shows part of the village as seen from Barvas.