View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wednesday 19 May

Rather more cloud today, although it appears to have been quite localised. There were reports of sun at Bosta (Great Bernera), but fog in Uig - just a couple of miles to the west. Although I tend not to complain about 12C, it is rather lower than the 18C of yesterday.

I spent today putting the finishing touches to a new website, which displays all the wargraves in Lewis. It is now live on this link.

Monty Halls Great Hebridean Escape is all about hammering posts into the ground. I feel like hammering my head against the wall when I watch that man behaving like an idiot. Bonny Prince Charlie has been to every blinking island, Benbecula not excluded, and he came there and went - as he did in every place on the map. Argh. I felt sorry for the poor fisherman whose boat Monty Halls used to demonstrate how to leave an island. Although he did some good things, like marking out trails and cleaning beaches of flotsam and jetsam, MH is making an ass of himself.