View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tuesday 10 May

Well, that was a wet day and no mistake. Torrential rain in the morning giving way to a few showers in the afternoon, but with near gale force winds. I don't think the passengers on the cruiseliner Quest, who arrived at lunchtime, were too happy with the conditions, and the ferry crossings today will have been a tad on the bumpy side as well.

Going through a stack of old newspaper articles today, I came across a cutting from the 1860s which was one big long ridicule of the Highlander, as being the proverbial mean Scot, who would even argue the price of a train fare. Have to say that attitudes on both sides of the English / Scottish border are likely to be polarised, now that we have a majority nationalist administration in power in Edinburgh. Some of it is very nasty, prompting me to get rid of at least one contact on both Twitter and Facebook. Anyway, you get that wherever you go.