View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Closing notes

First of all, don't forgot to change your clocks tonight if you're in Europe.
Second, tomorrow I shall be calling round some journals - I've woefully neglected that again.
Thirdly, I shall be putting some of today's 24 pictures on the journal. Those who follow me on Facebook or Flickr will be able to see them in the next half hour or so.

Night night.

Cold and sunny

That was today's weather. It didn't get any warmer than +5C / 41F this afternoon, in spite of copious amounts of sunshine. I was invited to have a look inside a new community centre in Stornoway, the Bridge Centre, which was built at a cost of £4m over the past few years. It also offers low-cost housing to young students as well as temporary accommodation for hospital doctors. Later in the afternoon, I attended the opening of Grinneas nan Eilean, a showcase for local artists - to which I have submitted a picture. Quite a pleasant afternoon; as I said on Twitter earlier on, is this me? Going to two functions in a day??

Saturday 28 March

After yesterday's horrible weather, we are now looking out on bright blue skies with fluffy clouds and the odd snow shower. Temperature is at a fantastic +3C / 37F. Very cold in other words, and I've got a few things to do that require me to go outside. Not looking forward to that.

Tonight at 2030 GMT, several landmarks in Scotland will have their illumination switched off for Earth Hour. Private individuals could switch off as many electrical appliances as possible, including lights. Did that last year, was great fun.

And tonight at 0100 GMT, the clocks go forward one hour in the whole of Western Europe. In Britain, we'll be on British Summer Time until 25 October.