View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Tuesday 2 March

The day started bright and sunny, with not a cloud in the sky, but high clouds are beginning to drift in from the southwest. The sun has raised the temperature to a respectable 8C / 46F after an overnight low of -3C. The weatherman says it'll be downhill from tomorrow onwards, as Atlantic weather systems try to muscle in. Not with much success, if the week's weathercharts are anything to go by.

Anyone using a Weatherpixie on their site will notice that it is no longer there. The guys at the Weatherpixie site tell me that their server has crashed, so no weatherpixies, unfortunately.

The chef who allegedly absconded from a hotel in Tarbert with £7000 from the hotel safe has declared that he was beaten up and threatened at his house to come up with the money or else. He also said he was dismissed the day before, and had not fled or taken any money. The hotel's owners replied by saying the man is a fantasist and a liar. Now, my source is the Daily Record newspaper, a Scottish tabloid, so I'm glad I'm living right next to the sea which leaves me with plenty of pinches of salt.