View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 31 August 2009

Photo video - 2 July

A photo compilation of pictures I took during a walk in the Yorkshire Dales last July.

Photo video - 1 July

A video of a walk I took during my holiday in the Yorkshire Dales.

Monday 31 August

Today it's 12 years ago that Princess Diana was killed in a carcrash in Paris. The cause of the crash is excessive speed coupled with excess alcohol in the bloodstream of the driver, who also lost his life. The nationwide and indeed worldwide outpouring of grief over the death of the "People's Princess" was unprecedented. Speculation surrounding the crash have continued ever since, and the unseemly legal battle fought by Mohamed Al-Fayed was only brought to a close last year. His son, Dodi, was killed alongside Diana, and the two were at least close friends.

The weather in the islands today is grey with occasional drops of rain. This morning saw me gallivanting around town, looking for bits and pieces. I've sent off a couple of letters to historical societies in Lewis, asking for more information on about 80 men who died in World War I that I only have scant details on. Awaiting the outcome of that, and half a dozen emailed queries, with interest. Plugging the website: Faces from the Lewis War Memorial.

Hurricane update - 31 August

Focus today is on Hurricane Jemina, a category IV hurricane in the Eastern Pacific, some 380 miles south southeast of the southern tip of Baja California. Jemina is headed northwest with winds of 125 knots, gusting to 150 knots. That means winds of 140 mph, gusting to 170 mph. The hurricane is forecast to intensify further, although as it approaches Baja Sur, the influence of land will erode some of its force. Nonetheless, by the time Jemina hits land, winds near its centre will still be at or just over 100 knots, 115 mph. Baja California sees hurricanes or tropical storms every year, but if the forecast is correct, this will be one of the most potent storms to hit the peninsula in recorded history.

Baja Insider relays information on Jemina to residents, although the formal forecaster is the National Hurricane Center in Miami. The current location for landfall is Magdalena Bay, although all residents in Baja Sur should be preparing for the arrival of the hurricane. Winds of 34 knots or higher extend for 80 miles from the centre (at present); hurricane force winds (64 knots) extend for 30 miles from the centre.