View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday pics

Sunday 21 November

Autumn is now two thirds gone, and it is getting cold. Overnight low was at freezing. Although the sun did manage to jack the mercury to 8C before lunchtime, cloud came in and we had some rain in the afternoon. Before midday, went for a walk on the Braighe beach, about 3-4 miles east of Stornoway. Visibility was extremely good, and we paid for the privilege with an outbreak of rain in the afternoon.

Spent said afternoon transcribing more tributes from 1917 onto my WW1 tribute site, and also watching some or another film on TV. Typical Sunday, not much doing at all.

Did I say there is also nothing doing on the hurricane front? The Atlantic season is drawing to a close on Tuesday of next week, and the southern hemisphere season has yet to fire up. The only area I am keeping an eye on is located in the middle of the Arabian Sea  - but even the Joint Typhoon Warning Center is not actively monitoring 92A.