View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sunday 16 November

After breakfast, we went on a slow walk through the centre of Inverness, calling into places like Poundland and Macdonald's, not heard or seen in Stornoway. Poundland showed me how much you pay for brandnames - if there is a chain that can make money out of selling stuff for £1. I needed some new walking boots, my old ones finally gave up the ghost on Thursday. Fortunately, I did have another pair of shoes, but they were not very comfortable. After yet another over-priced and luke-warm bowl of soup, we headed for the bus to Ullapool. Darkness had fallen by the time we reached the portakabin that passed for a ferry terminal. Ferry departed for Stornoway at 6.15pm, where we reached at 9 o' clock. Crossing was unremarkable.

PB161275 PB161272 PB161278 PB161280 PB161283 PB161286

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