View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wednesday 24 June

Summer is here! The mercury peaked at a magnificent 25C / 77F, which is quite rare in this neck of the woods. There is a weather warning out for torrential rainfall, but the rainfall radar shows no showers at all across northern Scotland. Sat outside for quite a while this morning and afternoon; at the moment, the sun is still out (and will remain out for another hour and a half), but so are the midges.

On Saturday, I shall depart these shores for a few weeks. For the first week, I am joining my dad for a stint in Yorkshire - without internet access. The second week will see me in Holland to see family; and the final week heralds my return to the Outer Hebrides with a visit to the southern isles. I'll be back in Stornoway in the evening of 15 July.

At the moment, I'm transcribing the local Roll of Honour. This involves manually copying scans of about 180 pages containing approximately 6,000 names. Needless to say it is a slow process which will take me several weeks.