Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Friday, 19 September 2014

Wednesday 10 September

A bright and sunny but slightly hazy day in Stornoway, with a moderate southerly breeze. Temperature 16C / 61F, not bad for mid-September. It's a lovely sunny afternoon here, but with a hint of coolness in the breeze. Autumn is not far off now; the equinox only 13 days away.

In Stornoway, they test the alarm for the gas plant every 6 months. In order to hear the alarm, I need to open the windows. When there is a problem at the gas plant, you need to CLOSE the windows. The next test date is next week, on 18 September at 10 am. Is this an omen for referendum day?

Went for a stroll round to Goat Island to try out the new camera - I'm impressed with the results.

P9100015 P9100017 P9100021 P9100019 P9100023 P9100029

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