Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Friday, 19 September 2014

Saturday 6 September

Showers are ruling the roost today. It's also cooler, partly because the sun hardly puts in an appearance. Therefore, I'm continuing with my revision of the WW1 casualties database.

'Scuse me. This is an island. The ferry hasn't come in yet. Are you surprised that certain goods aren't in the shops yet?

This week, there will be massive springtides. In Stornoway, the evening high tides on Tuesday and Wednesday will top 5.5 metres (18' 4") , and the 2 am low tides will be as low as 0.2 metres (8"). It's a pity the afternoon low tides are "only" down to 0.5 metres (1' 8") - I'm not going to search for scallops at two in the morning, thank you. These tides will interfere with the Sound of Harris ferry, which has been retimed from Monday.

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