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Friday, 19 September 2014

Sunday 14 September

Four days left of the referendum campaign. I remember the day when there was 500 days of it left. I remember an on-line buddy in Australia bemoaning the fact that he was having to endure six weeks of electioneering, upon which I mentioned the 420 days left my end. I am pleased to spot this headline that Alex Salmond will spare us another referendum if it's a no on Thursday. Irrespective which side you're on, there is a good deal of polarisation going on, people being set against each other, falling out. Once this is over, we'll have to have reconciliation in Scotland. I hope it happens.

A third man decapitated by ISIS in Iraq. I have no words for that, other than to say that Islam is abused by those 'people' for political ends. Islam is not about murder. It says 'you shall not kill' in that religion's holy book as well. Those who seek to justify murder under the pretext of their religion have abandoned their religion.

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