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Friday, 19 September 2014

Saturday 13 September

Bright and sunny today, but very hazy. Visibility down to a mile or two, can only just make out the hills behind Arnish. Humidity remains high, 77%, but the temperature leaves little to be desired, 18C / 64F is good for mid September.

I wonder what the guys from these islands who fought in the Great War for Great Britain would have made of the Scottish independence referendum that is due to be held on Thursday.

The reverend Ian Paisley has died at the age of 88. Dr Paisley was a leading figure in the protestant side of the Northern Ireland troubles, and it took about 30 years before he made a constructive contribution towards their resolution. Yes, he latterly worked with Sinn Fein's Martin Mcguinness, a turn-around that is to be commended. I wish to be spared the near-tearful tributes from the BBC's political correspondent Nick Robinson. Focus on the man's career. That contains enough reasons not to go overboard on the personal aspects of Dr Paisley.

Went for an amble in the Castle Grounds, round from the Golf Club to the Water Wheel, then back via the Castle College. Autumn is definitely on the way.

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