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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Wednesday 21 May

Raining this morning, suiting my mood. The cruiseliner Fram came in this morning for a second visit this spring. I'm sorry for the folks coming ashore that they will not see the island at its best. But then, it'll probably confirm their idea that it 'always rains in Scotland' :-)

In fact, there were two cruiseliners in Stornoway today. The Fram was there until 3.15, the National Geographic Explorer from 3.30pm onwards. Not common to have two in port at the same time. In both instances, the passengers had to thread their way through the works on the ferry terminal.

Ferry was late tonight as it was loaded wrong at lunchtime. All vehicles had to come off, then back on. It didn't come in until 10.30pm.

P5218929  P5218932

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