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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tuesday 27 May

No fewer than THREE cruiseliners in today. The Marco Polo is in Sandwick Bay, the Funchal in Glumag Harbour and Le Boreal alongside the ferry pier. I'm glad I'm not going anywhere near Callanish today! Why do I say that? Because passengers from all 3 liners will be put onto coaches and bussed there. You won't be able to see the Stones for the tourists.

Le Boreal shook everybody in Stornoway out of their siestas at 2.15 when it sounded its horn before heading to its next port: Kyle of Lochalsh, 75 miles away. The Funchal left at 5pm, making for Invergordon. The Marco Polo, a regular at Stornoway, got underway in the evening to reach Tobermory at sunrise tomorrow morning.

Hurricane season starts again on Sunday, and I'm not looking forward to the usual hype, crap science and panic mongering that accompanies the approach of a hurricane to the US mainland.

Hurricanes are not monsters, killers or such like. They are powerful natural phenomena, which are certainly powerful enough to lead to loss of life or property. They are an essential mechanism in our planet's energy balancing act, to move heat from the equator to the poles. It is done using the simple physical principles, of energy used and released by evaporation and condensation respectively. The amounts of energy involved are vast. One average hurricane goes through enough power to meet the electricity and heat requirements for the whole of the USA for one year.

P5279073  Le Boreal
P5279074 Funchal
P5279075 Marco Polo
It now turns out that the above black cat lives somewhere else in Stornoway.

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