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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Thursday 22 May

Was speaking to a coach driver last night who had come off the ferry at Stornoway. The tide was out, meaning that the ramp from the ferry onto the linkspan was at quite an angle. Van drivers were asked to raise their suspension, and the bus had to move onto blocks in order to disembark. Last week, a tourcoach got stuck on the ramp during a particularly low tide. So, if you're planning to take a campervan, van, truck or lorry on or off the ferry at Stornoway and the tide is out - beware!

A very cold day in Stornoway, we're not even in double figures. 8 or 9C (46 to 48F) on the thermometer. The north wind is whipping up a swell in the Minch, which causes problems for the ferry crossing to the mainland.

Another cruiseliner in today: the Ocean Nova.

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