Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunday 25 May

Morning all from a bright though overcast Stornoway. There is a bit of a breeze going, but overall, we're having the best weather in the country. There is heavy rain over the Isle of Skye, 50 miles to the south, but we're in the clear.

I'm pleased that I continue to make steady progress with my transcript of the Roll of Honour. I have now finished the district of Ness, and have passed the half-way mark. Next is Airidhantuim (no, you don't pronounce it like that at all), which is the northern end of the West Side.

Went for a walk around the harbour in the afternoon - it was of course very quiet.

10.05pm and still broad daylight. By midnight, there'll still be a definite and bright glow to the northwest. This will shift to the northeast as the night progresses, and give us daylight from about 3-4 am onwards.

 P5259039 P5259041 P5259042 P5259043 P5259046 P5259048 P5259050 P5259051

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