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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Tuesday 5 March

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Another strange day, weatherwise, with occasional spells of brightness in amongst a half-hearted veil of midlevel cloud.

Today, it was recommended to me to read The Stornoway Way by Kevin Macneil, a local author. I purchased an e-book, which I went through in a couple of hours. The book is highly acclaimed, as a reflection of local - culture? No, I don't call it culture. Even if I ignore and omit all the F-words (I'm used to swearing by the way), I still cannot find anything worthy of acclaim. If that is supposed to be a reflection of Stornoway life, well, I'm sure that would be accurate in parts. But it is nothing to be proud of. Goodreads does not allow me to award negative stars, else I'd do it.

Part of the main BBC news was taken up with the fact that a teen popstar, Justin Bieber (19), had failed to turn up for his performance on time. He was two hours late, leading to ferocious complaints from parents. Bieber is popular with young teenagers and children, and some of them had fallen asleep by the time he turned up on stage. Further more, this being a backpost, am I interested in his near-punchup with some paparazzi? No. Am I interested in his near-collapse on stage? Well, I hope he got over it, but it does NOT merit front page news, thank you.

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