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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Monday 4 March

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Strange weather today, with a pale sun trying to shine through a vale of midlevel cloud, like through frosted glass. This is usually an ill omen, but in this instance there is no immediate bad weather in the offing.

The local council has announced that it intends to scrap the subsidy on the air service between Benbecula and Barra, further south in this chain of islands. The planes are not well subscribed, but are essential for transporting patients to and from hospital, as well as emergency supplies. A petition has therefore been launched to protest against these plans. The Comhairle has banned the petition from Council premises, which is apparently quite in order, but leaves a very bad impression. This does not affect people in Lewis (being a couple of islands away), but those in Barra and the Uists are not happy.

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