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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Friday 8 March

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Well, what else can I say? More of the same. A cold easterly wind, no rain, pale sunshine. March appeared to come in like a lamb, but it has shed its innocent wool and is now behaving like an ill-tempered lion. Winter has gone, for all intents and purposes, but March is holding on to its tail. Whew, that wind is cold.

The ferry is not sailing today, due to serious technical problems. The Isle of Lewis has only recently come out of dry-dock and should have no problems. Instead, she is not able to move and her replacement, the Clansman is having to relocate up from Oban. Worse than that, the Muirneag is once again cancelled due to the easterly wind, but nonetheless, the shelves in the shops were not empty. A lot of people forget that their supplies all come by ferry. I never cease to be amazed on the day of the force 11 when folks come into the shop, stop dead in their tracks and exclaim "This shop is empty!!!".

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  1. We have had a beautiful day today, and more of the same is forecast for tomorrow. But I won't fool myself into thinking that we won't have some more cold and rain this month. I guess I'll just enjoy this beautiful weather while I can.