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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Saturday 9 March

Overcast initially, but with a few sunny intervals during the afternoon. Although it is still only 5 or 6C, the east wind appears to be abating a little, so the cold is not quite as penetrating. The easterly wind is wreaking havoc with the ferry schedules, as the Muirneag (our freight ferry) cannot sail, and the main ferry, the Isle of Lewis broke down yesterday and is being fixed. The Clansman had to come haring up from Oban in the night to take up the run. The result is empty shelves in the supermarket, and as supplies now have to come through Skye, this means that a resupply will not be in the shop until 8pm tonight.

The recent attack of a sparrowhawk on our colony of sparrows has had a devastating impact - the starlings appear to have disappeared for good, and the sparrows themselves are very nervous around the feeders. These hang out in the open, under the tree.

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