Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Thursday 6 August

Breezy but bright today, with some good sunshine on offer. Temperature at 16C / 60F. Yesterday, the weather took a sharp turn for the worse at 6pm, when a sudden squall passed with heavy rain. It moved away east, and swiped Loch Carron, just north of Kyle of Lochalsh at 7.30. A sailing regatta was underway, but the storm overturned 14 boats, landing 30 people in the water. The accompanying safety boats pulled many competitors out of the water, and the lifeboat and coastguard helicopter assisted in the rescue of the rest. Stornoway Coastguard commented that summer weather is not guaranteed to be benign, and these squalls do pass through. It was a similar, more severe, squall that brought us a tornado 9 days ago.

Many thanks to those who wished me a happy birthday through Facebook and email. Another year's experience of being 21 ;-)


  1. Happy Birthday and many more.

  2. Happy Birthday Guido! Yup, it's great being 21! I love your header picture~looks inviting. Thankfully our temps have dropped down into a comfortable range (65*-72*) and they keep promising rain. It's been 77 days since we had a good soaking. Linda in western Washington

  3. just came over from Linda's World to wish you, Guido, a Happy Birthday! hope you are having a good day and wishing you a wonderful year ahead


  4. Happy Birthday Guido!!!!!!! Cute that you are turning 21...again. ;)

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!