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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Hurricane update - 6 August

Nearly two months ago since my last update, although there were a few tropical systems that made landfall since - like two tropical storms affecting Hong Kong.

Typhoon Morakot is currently east of Taiwan, and will hit the island state with winds of a mere 115 mph by 1800 GMT tomorrow, that is 2 am local time. Initially, the storm was forecast to pass north of Taiwan, but since last night, the projected trajectory has been shifted south.

Hurricane Felicia is in the open Pacific, along 131 degrees longitude West, far from any land. The storm carries winds of 140 to 190 mph. The hurricane will gradually lose strength as it moves west, and by the time Hawaii sees it (in 5 days' time), Felicia will be little more than a tropical depression with force 5-7 winds.

For reference, a typhoon is the same phenomenon as a hurricane - just a different name.


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