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Sunday, 28 August 2016

9/11 commemoration 2016

At 1.46pm BST on 11 September, this blog will publish two tributes to victims of 9/11. These are for Norberto Hernandez (a pastry chef in the Windows on the World restaurant) and Dwayne Collman, a flight attendant on flight 11, which crashed in Pennsylvania.

Much has changed in the world in these 15 years. Unfortunately, mindless violence has not yet left us.


  1. I cannot imagine how the lives of Norberto & Dwayne's families have changed in those 15 years. Sometimes it feels like 50 years ago....I don't know if that is insensitive of me or not.

    1. It is beginning to fade into the distance, although the problems underpinning the event have not. There is so much suffering going on, flashed across our TV and computer screens, that suffering-fatigue sets in. Not good. Hope you are keeping well.