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Monday, 16 June 2014

Thursday 12 June

Quite pleased with progress on my Roll of Honour project, now 4/5th done, and progressing through the roll of Fidigary school. Fidigarry is not a village but an area of Lochs in Lewis, encompassing Ranish and Crossbost.

Although the morning started bright and sunny at 5 this morning (no, didn't sleep very well last night), we are now plagued by occasional showers and cooler weather. "Only" 15C / 59F, which is still not bad for this neck of the woods. I gather Germany reached 36C / 97F earlier this week, which resulted in deadly thunderstorms. I still think I prefer the Hebridean weather.

Congratulations are in order for the people of the Isle of Eigg, 15 miles southwest of Mallaig, and about 100 miles south of Stornoway, to the south of Skye. Today in 1997, they gained ownership of their island and they have not looked back. Population is pushing 100, their energy needs are met mainly through renewable energy sources (wind, sun and water) and there is a flurry of local enterprise. On Saturday, there will be a celebratory ceilidh (that's a party with a difference), and I do not anticipate hearing a beep out of the islanders much before Monday :-)

After lunch, a bus pulled up outside. Another bus parked in front of it, and took on board all the passengers of the other one. An engineer in overalls and gloves approached the broken-down vehicle. meanwhile, a Galson Motors bus passed in the background.

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