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Monday, 16 June 2014

Friday 30 May

This week sees the formal start of the campaign for the referendum on independence for Scotland. We've been bombarded with campaign material, through any media outlet you might care to think of, for well over a year. It is only now that the rules regarding impartiality and campaign funding come into force. Although campaigning has, as I said, been going on for more than a year, those rules did not apply.

I'm against independence, as outlined by the Scottish National Party and its associated Yes (for independence) campaign. They haven't done their sums, nor prepared for the eventuality of Scottish statehood. The SNP have been around since 1932, been in government since 2007, and now that a referendum is in the offing, should have had no problems assembling a well underpinned case for independence and how they propose to run the country. They have failed to do so. By virtue (or otherwise) of that, independence is way too uncertain a course.

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