Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Monday, 16 June 2014

Sunday 8 June

Afternoon from a bright, sunny and breezy Stornoway. We're up to 17C / 63F, but with a wind blowing at force 5 (20 mph) from the south. I'm now using a different camera, after my usual one broke down on Friday. The cover for the battery and memory card compartment had come away, and I was unable to reattach it. As a result, vast amounts of dust were sucked into the camera as the lens was extended and retracted, and that seems to have jiggered up the workings for the zoom. Sent it off for repairs.

Lovely walk through the Castle Grounds, over Strawberry Hill, this afternoon. It was fairly busy (not on the hill, by the way), sunny and warm. Even with the brisk wind, it still felt like summer. How about 19C / 66F? This year's highest temperature, so far :-)

 P6081789 P6081791 P6081797 P6081802  P6081806 P6081815

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