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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sunday 11 May

Afternoon all from a bright and sunny Stornoway, if it wasn't for those ominous cumulus congestus bubbling up I'd go for a walk. However, cumulus congestus are the precursor to cumulonimbus or showerclouds - and I've been soaked already this week, so I'll just continue with my Roll of Honour project.

Happy Mothers Day to all - in the US and on the European mainland. Those in the UK celebrated Mothering Sunday in March, but OK, happy mothers day to y'all too :-)

Went for a walk round the town centre with the aim of photographing a number of informative paving slabs. Outside half a dozen premises in Cromwell Street, one of the oldest streets in the town, paving slabs were laid down a few years ago which commemorate previous occupants or businesses. I specifically did this on a Sunday, as there is nobody about on that day of the week. The complete collection can be viewed here.

Hello puss, you're inquisitive, aren't you? Came into the kitchen for a nosey round, even meowed to get in. Like he belongs here. Well, he was quite happy to pussyfoot away into the evening. I wonder if it was the same cat that accosted two men across the road the other day, holding up the traffic as they tried to get it to move on. They finally hoisted it upon to the seawall, then dashed across to their vehicle and drove off. The cat was left in the middle of the road, looking bemused at the car disappearing into the distance. It's friendly. With EVERYBODY!

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