Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Saturday 10 May

Morning all from an overcast but otherwise bright Stornoway. It's very glary out there and the air is very clear: I can make out the Applecross hills, 60 miles to the southeast.

Right. So you turn up at the ferry terminal and are confronted with a sign, telling you that the ferry terminal is closed and to go to pier number 1. What if you are not local? And even some locals don't know where pier number 1 is. The references to the ferry on the roadsigns around town have been blacked out, but there is (as yet) no signage towards pier n° 1. Another complaint that has reached me is the gangway onto the ferry itself. This is pretty steep, depending on the state of the tide, and has these horrible steps. I don't know who to speak to about this, but hope this gets picked up by those in charge of the harbour works here in Stornoway.

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