View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Friday 9 May

Morning all from Stornoway, where it is tipping it down. Went out to take pictures of the cruiseliner Ocean Nova (tied up along the near side of pier no 1) and a downpour started just as I wandered into the town centre. I also went to the Coastguard station, where the heavens really and truly opened. My pic of the Voyager, anchored in Glumag Harbour, is decidedly unclear on account of the heavy rain. In other words, if you are getting soaked, do so in style. No, I didn't put on my waterproof trousers, because it looked so nice when I went out. Except for that curtain of grey over the Castle Grounds as I walked into town. I pity those cruise passengers huddling in the bus station, holding umbrellas aloft. Poor things.

On Sunday, it will be 111 years ago since my grandfather was born. He left us 36 years ago in August. When I think of him, I smell cigars and see the flat he and my gran occupied all those years ago. I see the 1971 VW Beetle he drove - and the woodcraft which filled his hours in retirement. I also see the smile and hear the laugh of my grandmother, who followed him out of this world 20 years ago last March. And, of course, I remember my mum, their daughter, now gone 6 years.

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