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Friday, 1 October 2010

Friday 1 October

Not a very pleasant start to October, with wind and rain for the morning. As I type this, with the clock nearing 3.30pm, there is some brightness moving up from the southwest, but it remains windy. Next Friday will see my 6th anniversary as a blogger, which commenced in the village of Kyleakin in the Isle of Skye, some 80 miles south of Stornoway.

Fifty miles to the north, a cave on the island of Rona will see a marriage for the first time. Rona (not to be confused with North Rona, which lies 45 miles northeast of Lewis) had a population of 240 in the 1880s, but nowadays only has 2 permanent inhabitants. The happy couple, from Bolton in Lancashire, first met in the cave, shown below.

Image courtesy, copyright Andrew Russon. 


  1. Good luck to the "Happy Couple."
    I just love the blue of the sky and sea in your two photos. So uplifting when we are living in the gloaming here in the Lakes.

  2. Congratultions to the happy couple ~ loved the pictures ~ Ally x

  3. Now that would be interesting to attend a wedding in (or at) a cave.